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Reviews for "primal lords 2"


I like your style - unique and creative.
God bless.

eh i was expecting more.

I was expectingit to be a little longer and have a little bit more action but it did expand on the story some...it was pretty good.

I feel your wasting my time...

Far too large for far too little, you need to use a different format.. cause flash isnt for what you want to achieve, there are smaller flash files that pack in alot more.. so learn how to use flash to your advantage or find another program more suited for what you want.


Its like watching a real cartoon , this is truely "First Class art/animation. The Character designs are dynamic and the story is not bad but it is fun to watch .PLEASE make them longer or bring out more episodes.....SOON!!!! GREAT FUCKING WORK


It's awsome as hell except for 1. You need to make it more evident who is talking. I assume you do all the voices, and 90 percent of the time, i dont know who is talking. Also, i understand that it's humans versus the furries, but it was only untill the 2nd movie that the humans appear as the antagonist.

Just a thought.

Excellant fucking work