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Reviews for "primal lords 2"

What's all this now?

What happened to the Dinos? And the White Gorilla? What's with all this human stuff? Did you just reboot the plot or what?

RickMarin responds:

sorry to confuse you , but this is old ... more like a proto type for the Primal War series . this was done in 2003 , while Primal Wars is done today . this is more of a what if.

WAY too short

I liked it in terms of qality, but it is just far too short.


this was much better than Primal Lord 1, in terms of lagging, cause it didn't at all. I understand your going to start using this format for the rest of the PLs series, cause it runs good with any system in my opinion. Keep it up man.

Pretty Cool Man

Its not as good as primal war 1 and 3 but its pretty cool keep up the good work.

.....well it definetly aint 2 thumbs up....

honestly it was kinda crappy, the animation wasnt as good as the first one, a stereotypical military music faintly played in the background and the voice acting kinda sucked, but i did like the detailed art, hopefully the 3rd is better....