Reviews for "pepsi girl wheel of death"


I love how the game is fucking hilarious but I just think there should be more options instead of each having their own. Try making a fighting game out of this also XD

I hate pepsi.

And I still can't believe pepsi owns mountain dew. When I saw the Coca Cola Mamma bear I was like oh shiz. lol

Fun game! Excellent interactivity!

I liked all the different beverages you could choose from (each with their own little game). They were all great! It was fun to kill the Pepsi girl in various ways. Very good!


If you put your mouse on any soda it'll shake up eventually (put your mouse over it 100 times) and explode! Then the Pepsi girl even dies at the menu lol!


This game was really amusing... I loved it! I liked the budweiser one the best