Reviews for "Alt Concept: Guile"

Fucking awesome

it's just fucking awesome


You drew my all time fav singer (Jedwerd) and put them on steroids.... Well done sir :)


He kinda looks like Chuck Greene from the new Dead Rising with that getup :P

I'm guessing the mom is Chung-Li

I can just imagine some punk trying to kill Guile. He probably has his baby holster made of an inch layer of titanium and kevlar.

He ducks and throws the baby up in the air while Chung-Li catches him and runs to safety and Guile puts the beat-down on the muggers.

Guile is now over 40 but still kicks ass!

*For those of you who don't know, Chung-Li and Guile share a bit of chemistry in some of the older movies.

Johny Utah

This looks a lot like Johny Utahs drawing style.

If you haven't seen his vids you should check him out, and you'll see what I mean ;)

But anyway - awesome picture! =)