Reviews for "black n' white"


I am absolutely enamoured with eyes, so much so that an otherwise good drawing/painting can be tainted in my mind by having poorly drawn eyes. Your drawing itself is amazing, but her eyes are just breathtaking. You put so much detail into this picture... into her hair, her lips, her eyebrows... it's just fantastic. Awesome work, mate.


Greatly done. Lol her lips are like cacti.


absolutely phenomenal work. She looks like the character Kate from the tv show lost. The texture on the lips is amazing. true talent.


I really like your style and execution. The eyes and the nose catch my eyes immediately. The shading on the face is very soft and stands out well from the texture of her hair (loving that too). She has an almost dreamlike quality. I have no issue with it and wouldn't change a thing but generally upper lips are a tad darker than the bottom lip because of the angle :) I have to ask what your medium was?


Incredible!It's very beatiful

ramymagdy responds:

thank you