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Reviews for "Adapt to the Horde (vocals)"

I loved the original too!

WOW! This made it so much better dude! I loved the original, and I had heard you were making a second one with vocals... Only complaint I have is that the vocals kinda get drowned out, otherwise PWNSOME man.

TwilightNecrosis responds:

Yeah, I fucking love this song, the riffs flow, the clean parts fit perfectly...I was really nervous to try to put vox on something that was already so good.
I noticed that they were a bit low in the mix after I'd already mixed it down, but it was too late to fix it, so I left it be.
Thanks again for the review, I appreciate it.
Metal forever!


Love your style of vocals.
Agreed, they could be louder, however...the eq of the music is a bit mid heavy it seems, so your vocals seeded well. Anyways man, this is a kick ass song, and you were voted low. I hate people.
Anyways dude man. Got you up to 4.16...not much but helps.

Rock on man.\m/

TwilightNecrosis responds:

Thanks for the help.
Yeah, it seems there's a select group of little whiny faggots that go around voting the good songs low, so they can feel better about themselves. I don't even despise them...honestly, I pity them more than anything.
If you're such a pathetic human being that you have to get on a friendly, good-atmosphered website like this one, and wreak havoc in any way you can for the sole purpose of making yourself feel more accomplished about the pathetic bullshit life that you lead, well... What can I say, but 'I'm sorry you suck so hard.'
Anyway, I digress. Thanks again for the review and 5.
Metal forever!


that was sweet i love the drums and the vocals! Sounds a little like DETHKLOK.

TwilightNecrosis responds:

Considering Dethklok is the MOST METAL BAND EVER, I'm going to take that as a huge compliment.
Thanks, and I'm glad you liked it.

Fucking Skeet

This is an absolute master piece. Vocals fit in perfectly. You really managed to fit in lyrics perfectly. I notice a lot of the time vocalists will try to sing over the song's best parts. But you fucking rocked this beast.

10/10 - Fuck Yeah.


TwilightNecrosis responds:

Hell yeah, man.
That's the kind of review that I like to hear.
I'm glad you liked this one, and there's more coming your way soon.

Heres metal!!

About time somebody makes something good on here, very well done

TwilightNecrosis responds:

Glad we could live up to your expectations, man.