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Reviews for "Random Access - Hold On"

head bang

reminds me of rage in the beginning. Awesome song, all your bands work is great. get some radio play, get that record deal!

Awesome song.

There isn't a lot of things I can say that you should improve, so I'll just say 'Good job!'. This one is my favorite of the bunch, though.
Keep it up. I hope you'll make a lot more of those Random Acces songs.

RedCircle responds:

Well, I am really glad you enjoyed listening to this one. It's my second favorite, right now. Also, I am planning of submitting all my bands songs here, because I think it is for a good purpose ^_^

Anyway, thanks for the review! Much appreciated :)

Very good.

I liked this submission second best out of the 3 you recently submitted, kinda made me think of making a random flash animation, which i think is great, because that makes it creative and inspiring, thanks for submitting it bud.

RedCircle responds:

Creative? Inspiring?

Wow, thank you ^_^

I am really glad you liked this, and I hope that someday, you will want to make a totally random flash animation using this song.

Heh heh, now I guess I will just review all your work now ^_^

Thanks a bunch for the review!!!

Opening riff reminds me of RATM

It's very good, Red! The song held my attention, and you can hold a tune really well (if that's you singing) :D Solo was a little uninventive, but it fitted with the song quite well...

RedCircle responds:

Yep, that's me singing and I am glad that it held your attention.

The solo has been worked on recently, but at the time, it's all I could come up with >_< Trust me, it sounds a LOT better now then when I recorded it.

Also, glad it reminded you of Rage. Damn that feels good :)

Thanks for reviewing bud!!!