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Reviews for "Random Access - Hold On"



I like it

Good job man -keep it up

God Damn that was Awesome.

As you know, this is my favourite track by Random Access for so many reasons.
Firstly, the song is a perfect reflection of the skill of the group- The bass, the guitarist, the drummer and yourself, the lead singer.
The key to a great song is lines that stick in the audiences head. After showing this to many people, they were still humming and singing the chorus to themselves for a long time after.

Brilliant work! (lolj/k)

really good

I dont go to the audio portal much but from what I've heard of other songs you guys are definatly the best. And I agree with all of the other people in that you could infact get a record deal or radio time. Ur just as good as any of the people who they play on the raido. So, good luck with using music to make money.

Good stuff

Opening riff sounds alot like the greatest band of all time (thats Rage Against the Machine for you who are stupid). You are by far the best musician on the portal keep up the good work