Reviews for "Aftermath"


congrats on the fp! Great work on the depth in this one, good job distinguishing detailed/rough areas. I think you could have probably kicked up some contrasts a bit. Also; the perspective on the guys on the right seems a bit off. It could be right, just seems a tiny bit off.

Occluded responds:

Thanks man. Your notes were really helpful. As always. I'll definitely take another look at it in a couple weeks when I have some distance on it. And I'll see if I can punch the contrast, and see what's weird about those guys. My brother said they threw him a bit too.

Well done

One of the better works I've seen. Keep it up.

Occluded responds:

I'm still pretty proud of it. But I'm sure my self loathing will creep in any day now. Thanks for the review.

THis sucksssss

for me not being able to leave more than one review on how awesome this is! it reminds me of Universe At War and i love that game. it gives me the chills when i look at it and it makes me feel like this is what goina be in the far future( with lazers nd andriods and arnold sharzenagger).....ILOVE IT! perfect 10.
and i love you. in every way.

Occluded responds:

You can cut the sexual tension with a knife.
Thanks man.

more plz

I really like the picture i dont think those are robots tho i think they are people from another planet or maybe as the planet was being destroyed they r the ones who got away now thay are back to sift through the wreakage. whatever it is the detail is great and i would really like to see more like this. the big picture with alot of little thing to catch your eye

Occluded responds:

You are right these were supposed to be people in protective suits. The survivors left to sift through the wreckage. That was my intention when I painted it. Glad it communicated to you.

Thanks for the props.


Its perfect but its been done before
i still Like it though

Occluded responds:

Yeah the child's toy in the wreckage is a bit of a trope, but after it was pointed out to me (most of the way done at this point) I was too lazy to re-imagine the scene. Thanks for the 9 anyway.