Reviews for "Aftermath"


Interesting scenario is large but does not lose any subtlety with a well-crafted lighting and a simple design.

Occluded responds:

Thanks man. Glad you like it.

i love you

in a none strange way

Occluded responds:

Oh baby. why you gotta treat me so mean. You know I love you too, but definitely in a strange way. A hot strange way.


Thanks for the 10 ;)

THis sucksssss

for me not being able to leave more than one review on how awesome this is! it reminds me of Universe At War and i love that game. it gives me the chills when i look at it and it makes me feel like this is what goina be in the far future( with lazers nd andriods and arnold sharzenagger).....ILOVE IT! perfect 10.
and i love you. in every way.

Occluded responds:

You can cut the sexual tension with a knife.
Thanks man.


Is the robot upfront holding a black and purple cat or are my eyes decieving me? o_o/ -_-/ o_o/

Occluded responds:

It's supposed to be a purple teddy bear. At first it was a plush bunny, but I thought this would be more identifiable. It's smaller so maybe it still isn't easy to make out. Perhaps I should have just made it brown so that if fit the standard expectation. But I wanted to bring that cooler sky tone back into a spot. Try to draw attention as a cool spot on the piece. That was my thinking. But the fact that it still isn't easily identifiable means I need to at least tweak.

Thanks for the ten.


I looked at it on full screen and realized he's holding a purple bear (probably the one from Toy Story 3) and I think the thruster thingies in the back are just fine with color.

Occluded responds:

Haven't seen toy story 3 yet. But I'm glad you could make it out. Thanks for the ten man.