Reviews for "Aftermath"


the robots looks familiar, did you get the basic design from something? they look kinda like the geth from mass effect, but i suppose all humanoid robots are gonna look kinda alike. the details is pretty good considering most of the stuff is meant to be far away, the detail on the closest robot is very good as well. Don't really like the... light? thrusters? whatever those bright yellow/ white and orangey/red bits on that space ship are. They stand out a bit too much in contrast to the rest of the picture.

I like it but I would have liked to see a bit more action going on, even just a few more robots/ spaceships going around would be cool. Maybe some explosions in the background showing it ain't over yet. (whatever has happened) But I suppose it would have to be bigger for that... whatever. Good job.

Occluded responds:

Naw. I've never even played Mass Effect. Which is tragic because I do like me some Knights of the Old Republic. And I know it's the same company. And it's supposed to be an awesome game. I supposed I could have pulled some elements from the zeitgheist. I just looked it up. I honestly don't see it. The coloring yeah, but past that...

The thrusters. That's a good point. I painted this on stickam, and got notes from people as I went. I had a couple of people tell me they're too bright, and a couple people tell me they were too dim. So this is kinda where they settled. But I guess that's another vote for too bright. Probably won't change them unless I get a really compelling reason.

F**k. You just made me think of something I wanted to add. S**t. If falling ash suddenly appears it's because you made me remember I had wanted to add it. Anyway. I intended to make the scene quiet, and still I had played around with fires still burning in the sketch, but it started to feel too busy.

Thanks for the thoughtful review.


Is the robot upfront holding a black and purple cat or are my eyes decieving me? o_o/ -_-/ o_o/

Occluded responds:

It's supposed to be a purple teddy bear. At first it was a plush bunny, but I thought this would be more identifiable. It's smaller so maybe it still isn't easy to make out. Perhaps I should have just made it brown so that if fit the standard expectation. But I wanted to bring that cooler sky tone back into a spot. Try to draw attention as a cool spot on the piece. That was my thinking. But the fact that it still isn't easily identifiable means I need to at least tweak.

Thanks for the ten.

THis sucksssss

for me not being able to leave more than one review on how awesome this is! it reminds me of Universe At War and i love that game. it gives me the chills when i look at it and it makes me feel like this is what goina be in the far future( with lazers nd andriods and arnold sharzenagger).....ILOVE IT! perfect 10.
and i love you. in every way.

Occluded responds:

You can cut the sexual tension with a knife.
Thanks man.

i love you

in a none strange way

Occluded responds:

Oh baby. why you gotta treat me so mean. You know I love you too, but definitely in a strange way. A hot strange way.


Thanks for the 10 ;)

Well done

One of the better works I've seen. Keep it up.

Occluded responds:

I'm still pretty proud of it. But I'm sure my self loathing will creep in any day now. Thanks for the review.