Reviews for "Aftermath"


Its perfect but its been done before
i still Like it though

Occluded responds:

Yeah the child's toy in the wreckage is a bit of a trope, but after it was pointed out to me (most of the way done at this point) I was too lazy to re-imagine the scene. Thanks for the 9 anyway.

more plz

I really like the picture i dont think those are robots tho i think they are people from another planet or maybe as the planet was being destroyed they r the ones who got away now thay are back to sift through the wreakage. whatever it is the detail is great and i would really like to see more like this. the big picture with alot of little thing to catch your eye

Occluded responds:

You are right these were supposed to be people in protective suits. The survivors left to sift through the wreckage. That was my intention when I painted it. Glad it communicated to you.

Thanks for the props.


not great. The left is very well done, but I am not so sure about the space craft. the shapes the colors and the set up seem less thought through.

I also dont really know whats happening. the dude in the front is checking something out, oke but the other is pulling a teammate out of the ground? I just dont 'get' the picture, but that can be insightful failure from my part.

of course the above doesnt make it a bad picture.

Occluded responds:

I wish I knew if you viewed this large or not.

The idea is that these are the survivors of a catastrophe. The one up front is looking at a dirty teddy bear he's found in the rubble. And the other two were checking out a hollow. The spacecraft jets were originally blue, but I changed the color because I thought this fit better, but maybe it still doesn't fit.

Thanks for the thoughtful review.


I looked at it on full screen and realized he's holding a purple bear (probably the one from Toy Story 3) and I think the thruster thingies in the back are just fine with color.

Occluded responds:

Haven't seen toy story 3 yet. But I'm glad you could make it out. Thanks for the ten man.


in the small picture the robot in front looks so real then in the big picture the detail is really well drawn its just awesome

Occluded responds:

Thanks for the kind words man.