Reviews for "Davedreams"

good job

this is one of the finest movies i have seen keep up the good work and ill vote 5 every time

Sundial responds:

I'm glad you like!

very very nice

that was really good, that Dark_Blaze guy who reviewed a while back is a dumb ass, ignorant son of a bitch. i liked the music too very nice, hope to see more from you man.

One of the things I think many people dream about.

It's a break from the other kinds of things you'd expect on newgrounds... It had a lot of meaning, especially to me, being a writer, I like this piece a lot... I hope to see more things like this! ^_^;;


really cool. i've had expiriences like that one before

i really liked the Donnie Darko Music

---> Props


SWEET JESUS!! That was so great! So...so...Sundancey...GREAT GREAT WORK MAN!!