Reviews for "DragonballS # 2 (Parody)"

That was fucking uber.

Livecorpse, I wish I could add you to my favorites list twice. Seriously. You are fucking awesome.

Livecorpse responds:

glad ya liked the flashthx for reveiw


mouth movements in time with speech please....

Livecorpse responds:

heh well im no Walrus

heh i give it a 5 man..you earned it

goddamn that was hilarious..i wasnt expectin all those different voices..lol damn that was good..specially the anvil fallin on that guy's head...BLOOD!!! WHOO!! also i like your taste in music great job ^_^

Livecorpse responds:



nice sound clips...good animation, i love your style of animation! and it makes such a good point.. DRAGONBALL Z SUCKS AND ONLY LITTLE 13 YEAR OLDS LIKE IT WHO BLAMN EVERYTHING DECENT OFF NEWGROUNDS!..ok im done


i love this once again you prove you are a genius. R.I.P. man.