Reviews for "DragonballS # 2 (Parody)"

didn't seem that funny to me

i liked how you killed off the whiner at the end, dragonball z may be good, but southpark and seinfeld for your sound clips was kinda cheesy, just like south park is cheesy period:P your, as for style, i haven't seen much done like this so it was pretty unique, not a whole lot of humor, in fact i didn't smile or laugh, i liked the music in the background, but i didn't see a plot or point to your movie so overall i give it a 5

That Was funny as hell!!!

It is great but I suggest that you make another.

Livecorpse responds:

good advice i think a sequal may happen someday

heh i give it a 5 man..you earned it

goddamn that was hilarious..i wasnt expectin all those different voices..lol damn that was good..specially the anvil fallin on that guy's head...BLOOD!!! WHOO!! also i like your taste in music great job ^_^

Livecorpse responds:



dude that was great first i thought it was gonna be a gay ass dbz tribute but nvm that was hilarious keep up the good work

Livecorpse responds:

hell ya dude dbz sucks

I know you from your other work...

This was way better than your last two.

Livecorpse responds:

glad ya liked it bud