Reviews for "DragonballS # 2 (Parody)"


i love this once again you prove you are a genius. R.I.P. man.

yay randomness!

i like the smiley face anvil =).

Hey Guku

Hey Guku, I bought ya some LSD, want some? Man it's trippy pants, yeah!

I just don't understand

How can so many people like this piece of crap. It didn't make any sense and it definately wasn't funny. The mouths were all crappy and didn't move in sync with the voices. It was pure unadulterated bull crap. I just don't understand....


nice sound clips...good animation, i love your style of animation! and it makes such a good point.. DRAGONBALL Z SUCKS AND ONLY LITTLE 13 YEAR OLDS LIKE IT WHO BLAMN EVERYTHING DECENT OFF NEWGROUNDS!..ok im done