Reviews for "DragonballS # 2 (Parody)"


The only part of this that really made me say "Hey... not bad!" was the wide landscape shot... your background was the highlight of your movie.

This, you should realize, does not bode well for the rest of it.

The characters are all still shots... they're not animated at all, save for the mouth - which is the same mouth-animation, just sized appropriately (sort of) to the character.

There's nothing really *wrong* with using tv sound clips... as long as you aren't worried about actually being funny yourself. Using a joke everyone's already heard as a crutch = lame.

But hey... nice background!


Not much to laugh at here. Yes, we used TV clips. Ha. There really wasn't much going on, though. Virtually no animation, and the clips didn't really go together. The only real humor value came from the idea of DBZ characters talking like South Park characters, which got old right after the first clip. Kind of a letdown.


I liked how you killed off the whiner at the end.
As for style, i haven't seen much done like this so it was pretty unique, not a whole lot of humour in it, in fact i didn't smile or laugh, i liked the music in the background though.

thumbs up

u haf a very unique style... this was great.


Now this one i liked