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Reviews for "David in the couch"


This is very sweet, I think he and Tasha can make a good couple, but i dont Know, Tasha likes Alice and Alison a Lot! Nice work

the man be an embodiment of every straight man looking at futa hentai. we know we are not gay but we see the dick and realize we really don't give a fuck what other people think. and im saying that out loud so no other straight man has to ok. BECAUSE I CAN FEEL ALL THE JUDGEMENT TRAVEL BACKWARDS THROUGH TIME TO GET TO ME FROM ALL THE PEOPLE LOOKING AT ME THINKING IM IN THE CLOSET BECAUSE THAT MUCH JUDGEMENT CAN'T EXIST IN ONE POINT IN SPACE TIME WITH OUT SPACE BEING LIKE I DON'T HAVE THE TIME FOR ALL THIS JUDGEMENT AND FUCKING OFF TO A SAFE SPACE SINGULARITY.

Hey David...Whatcha thinking about huh.

he conflicted about what seeing a girl have a dick