Reviews for "Final Fantasy Gil Quest"


I enjoyed the little parodies you put into it. The sound was excellent. For what it is, the movie is great. I was a little disappointed by the lack of movement from the characters, they were usually in one position being moved, but it was still great. Maybe that will change some time in the future, but overall, i really enjoyed the movie.

Good Work!

I enjoyed the movie alot! I loved allt he little parody's thrown into it! the voices wernt too bad, the graphics wernt that bad either. You could use a little work on that. otherwise this movie is great! keep up the great work man!


Hahaha!! Truly classic. Your humor is top notched and your voicing was great. I particuar enjoy your choice of Charcters. Your art and animation was quite good as well.

Your use of jokes and themes were great and exceptionally well done. I really admire what you done.

Very funny voice cast as well, worked well. I hope to see future episodes of Tonberry and Cactuar! Excellent job!!


*tears at eye* Beautiful..


"Olsen twins?? KILL!"

hilarious. This should get daily feature. A bit long, but who freakin cares? I loved this.