Reviews for "Final Fantasy Gil Quest"

Awesome, simply awesome

Your writing skill is fantastic, I hope you continue to put out even more Flash films in the future because you are a rare treat to watch.

everything was awesome

all the parodys are just awesome. nice and long. i can see alot of work put into this. very good.

My props

Now if u could only boost the graphics and make it better than it is now.

Long but fuckin funny

It was fairly long...and once you get past the below average drawing it's actually a hilarious movie...i love the whole Olsen Twins thing, thats the best man...anyway, keep up the good material...and hopefully we'll see some more advanced work in the future


So many parodies and such it's like in every scene their is something funny. I enjoyed it. The graphics were not bad but the voices were sometimes missing their cue but it was still good.