Reviews for "Final Fantasy Gil Quest"


(8)if your happy and you know it clap your hands(8)

This movie was truely amazing regardless of graphics, animation or what ever this is probably the funniest thing on Newgrounds, I actually laughed out load at many parts, the matrix part waa coool.

What an original movie wiht loads of awesome unique ideas I would love to see this do well on Newgrounds it truely deserves it.

I love it more and more in everyway I'm watching again :D

gd long movie

great movie ,the graphics sucked abit but other than that it was a good funny movie. i liked the flashback of the chocobo test


I have to say, this made me laugh my ass off at various parts. Especially when Cactuar's head was on fire!! The only thing it was really missing was Tonberry's almighty "DOINK!" Y'know, where he kills you instantly with one hit? Anyways, thanks for the laughs! I really enjoyed it! I voted you a "5."

Fricken sweet!!

I loved the all your base part.


Well, a semi interactive movie with variety of movies to choose from. Frist off sound affects were great and added some nice affects to the animtions and also some creepy, or humor affects. Voice acting was also creative and the voices went well with each characters. The humor also was great in many scenes. The cactus character was a neat idea and the diolauge was great. Backrounds lacked the detail and shading but the plot was good anough. The storyline was well done and the humor was creative and through out the flash there was some solid styles of humor and jokes. The tv epiloge was a original idea and the battles and attacks were well animated.

Overall a wacky movie with a storyline full of solid laughter and some good sound/music. Animations lacked detail but there pesonalities were great.

Full of humor and great characters.

Earth-Mage-2000 responds:

Wow! You're one of the best reviewers I've seen so far! You give constructive critisizm (I hope I spelled that right), and you like my movies! If I was your English teacher, I'd give you an A! Lol!