Reviews for "Final Fantasy Gil Quest"

Not bad.....

The movie itself wasn't too bad, but I couldn't keep my attention on it. And me, being a true blue FF fan. Try harder next time, by making the jokes a little more understandable and having the movie a little shorter... My eyes are still numb.


Very funny movie, nice job coming up with all the parodies s many that this has to be the one with the most parodies in a single movie. I liked it alot, and really wouldnt change a thing. Good job.

Long Hilarious Movie

I hope you will create many sequels! I look forward to more distruction of the olsen twins as they are the source of alot of the evil that I am not the source of. Also Cauctur reminds me of me after eating to much sugar.


That was quite funny.

^_^ funny

This movie was truely amazing regardless of graphics, animation or what ever this is probably the funniest Final Fantasy parody on Newgrounds.... you have a wild imagination very wild and twisted lol i laugh just thinking about the movie

oh no at the tv store oh dear god olson twins KILLL omg omg lol that is the funnies thing that could possiblity happen when ur out getting a tv lol lol lol

the sound track during that scene was so perfect

what inspired you to make this?
awesome graphics and voice overs
the animation is bad but in a good way

awesome story

thank you for making this

awesome job on this

Earth-Mage-2000 responds:

Well, it seems you liked my movie. Lol! My inspiration to make the whole Cactaur
and Tonberry series came from my love for final fantasy and my liking things that are usually not in the picture, like cactaur and Tonberry. Everyone knows them, but they're not on the list of things you'd think of when someone says Final Fantasy. Yeah, I'll probably make more movies. More SHORTER movies. This took me forever. Thanks for supporting me!