Reviews for "Final Fantasy Gil Quest"


that wasnt bad, the only problem i got was that the sound was off pretty bad. otherwise, there were a lot of excellent jokes and humor. good job.

Earth-Mage-2000 responds:

Actually, it's just your computer. It was perfectly sychronized on everyone else's computer. So, if you want to review on newgrounds correctly, get a better computer. But was a 5 really the right score? Look at what everyone else gave it.

2 thumbs up!!

I don't know why I loved it but it was very awesome and original. Better then half the other crap on the portal. (Not including top 50)

even though the graphics werent perfect...

...and some sounds were very choppy... It was hilarious, and made me laugh out loud... thats what counts and i think you deserve a 4 or a 5... nothing less.. great job, id like to see more..


This is one of the best FF movies on Newgrounds

Make another! that was one of the best final fantasy movies i ever seen on Newgrounds.I just laughed so hard at everything in the movie and by the way Tonberry rules!


Let me start first by saying that i surf newgrounds alot and probally have seen every movie that this site has to offer, and that one move is the BEST one i have ever seen ,good job!