Reviews for "Final Fantasy Gil Quest"

lol, pretty cool

keep it up ^^

kick ass!

love the tvstore carnage. geiko comercial ref was funny to, you shoula had mary kate and ashly as the hr moogles henchmen


I guess you just have a knack for atracting assholes that have no sence of humor. I thought it was really good. Lots of refrences, great idea, makes it better when you understand them (Either there was an Invader Zim one or it was an accident) but i think it was really good. The sound came out alittle foggy, but i didnt really notice it once it gor started. As for the 15 min, some people dont have that long of an attention span, but i was laughing so hard, i didnt notice it. I cant wait to see your next one. Good luck in the future, and i hope you dont get to many more of those asses.


one of my favorite submissions to date.


great can't wait for next one. u rock. liked the matrix/tv scene.