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Reviews for "trolling, a gentleman affair"

total amazing!!


data777 responds:



There finger he's holding up looks a bit strange, almost as though it's bent backwards at an unnatural angle. I think it's because the shading near the bottom of the digit isn't gradual enough, but what would I know? Regardless, it's still a great pic.

data777 responds:

i think you'r right somehow

thanks you man

Ha ha ha! Incredibly detailed and satirical piece!

I really like how you responded to such a major issue like online (and possibly offline) trolling in a very satirical manner. I especially love how you designed this "troll" character as a demented, middle-aged gentle-troll. Very unique character design. This illustration is also incredibly detailed! No wonder it made the front page! Very well done!

data777 responds:

thanks ! glad you like him, with the others ! thanks

Great work

The face was extremely well done, could not have been done better. The hand and suit don't seem to match the face's depth though. Maybe add some wrinkles, tie a little off to the side...not sure. But still an incredible drawing.

data777 responds:

yeah it's not perfect...
the road is still long... hehe


reminds me of that dressed up troll in Shattrath

data777 responds:

hehe ok, I don't know, because I barely played WoW