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Reviews for "trolling, a gentleman affair"


Great Idea, yet I get this impression that the hand looks sort of on a different resolution.. or it's time to rest from the computer.

data777 responds:

humm you'r not wrong i think

what is this

Why are all these reviews getting marked useless?
YOU'RE useless.
(nice art, I hope it rises to memdom some day.)

data777 responds:

heheh thanks


holy shit that is awful
That's not funny because my brother OD'd on weed

data777 responds:



He sort of reminds me of a Mad Hatter....a very mad Mad Hatter with a more of an evil grin than mischevious. Nicely done :D

data777 responds:

yeah thanks you
i love mad hatter

Trolling is a gentlemen's sport

His teeth look incredibly clean.

data777 responds:

Because nobody listens when he says shit
he bought a toothbrush