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Reviews for "trolling, a gentleman affair"


There finger he's holding up looks a bit strange, almost as though it's bent backwards at an unnatural angle. I think it's because the shading near the bottom of the digit isn't gradual enough, but what would I know? Regardless, it's still a great pic.

data777 responds:

i think you'r right somehow

thanks you man

I love you.

Best picture ever. Srs.

data777 responds:

thanks you

Awesome on multiple levels

Not only is this well drawn, but the subject matter is hilarious. In my group I got the nick "T-Rollin" from all of my real life trolling, so this is especially poignant to me. I especially like not just the facial expression that you chose to gave him, but how your illustrated it. I love the old timey chops and the top hat. But the hand is what pushed it over the edge. One question though, did you ever think to add a monocle? Im not sure if that would have been too much.

data777 responds:

i don't think about a monocle, i think, it age the troll and give him a pedantic side, that i don't like
too much yeah hehe


Umm, excuse me, this is fucking incredible. I accidentally clicked 4 when rating it though. I was aiming for five. So my enthusiasm actually lowered your average rating. No worries though, I'll come back and vote five tomorrow.

data777 responds:

i will detroyed you !

no problem, thanks


AWESOME pICTURE. So awesome my dad wanted it on he's desktop :3

data777 responds: