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Reviews for "trolling, a gentleman affair"

its nice

looks like sckosh in person

Belongs in a museum

I can see the trolling guy being president or somethin with a look like that. what a blast thatd be hahahaa


It's Mr. Bean on crack!

data777 responds:

hehehe thanks

Good Job.

You have captured the true soul, the true essence of Trolling in a picture.

data777 responds:

yeah ! thanks you too !

Extremely Well Done!

I'm an aspiring drawer, and I admire your work. You did an excellent job translating a troll into real life. Smashing job, good sir!

This picture was included on Know Your Meme at these URLs:
I am not promoting this website, I am informing you that your work is being used somewhere else.

data777 responds:

OK thanks for the info

see you bro