Reviews for "Voice Mist"

*Sigh* I would've been the first...

...if Internet Explorer and that music player up there didn't crap out on me when I tried to skip in the music...

Anyways, another job well done on your music. This seems like it would be perfect for futuristic racing games like Wipeout and F-Zero. You went all out on those synths too I noticed. The beat and the synths give it that hyper racing feel to it, while the "voices" and the calmer string synths give it that kind of calm sense of feeling to it ya know? Definitely worth a download (or 6) to add into my collection of synteza/milosz music.

synteza responds:

Use Firefox! You are a racing nut. Lol 6 downloads.



I love the beat and all the other stuff, it's basicly just a great song!

5/5 10/10 and Favourited =)

synteza responds:

Thanks big time!


Great song. It really puts me in a good mood. Love it, keep up the good work. Love your music. :)

synteza responds:

Glad to be of service. Thanks for the review!


not too big on that bloopy kick and the tinny hihat to be honest.. although it is interesting how you have 3 different hihat sounds goign on at once - it's really refreshnig to see NEW percussion conbiantinos - esp. on a site where everyone just abuses theamen break to death.. I like the synth though - and that driving feeling you have going.. sounds acidey :)

I'm not sureo n astral projection though.. interesting use of synths though. some of them actually sound liek synths in fl studio.. you have a wonderful way of evolving styles - and oh god the string choir.. how beautiful - it's like a rushing waterfall over the whole thing - and everything just FITS- no clashing of levels or anything!

truly wondrous :) - I can just sense thnigs changing all the time - but since so manythings change at once you don't notice WHEN other things change - I think a lot of people on this site could learn from you :)

the ending could do with some nature ambiance - maybe a waterdrop here and there in the distance.. just to emphasize that wide open feeling..

overall brilliant as usual :)


synteza responds:


The bloopy kick is made using a demo of FL Studio :P

The ending COULD use some extra whooshes and stuff, yeah. This was a pretty quick make though.

Thanks for the review!


I think I felt my heart skip a beat when I started listening to this...

Nicely done.