Reviews for "The old TN episode 5"


That was awesome! If there were more sitcoms out there like that one...wow. Keep 'em coming!


holy shiznit men. GOOD FRIGGIN JOB. O AND BAJA FRESH IS THE BOMB. o and you got my friend prejedice against jews.i dont know how though the jokes were supposed to be funny not to encourage hating jews and greeks. o and respond to this

Tomorrows-Nobody responds:


I love it

The funniest part of the whole cartoon was the beer commercial. First time I saw it I couldn't stop laughing for over a day! But wasn't it called "Dick's Gay Beer" in episode 4? Anyway, the Jew jokes, although a little iffy were still funny. Same with Synj's cameo!

Tomorrows-Nobody responds:

Yep, you're the first person to say anything about it being from TN4. It was originally just a joke played on David, but then we liked the idea of using the Dick's part a joke. "Dick's Gay Beer" was basically just stolen from an SNL skit, so we dropped that.

LMAO, funny.

"You take Dicks like a little girl, but I take Dicks like a man!" lol. That was quite possibly the funniest flash ive seen in a long time! You know, I shouldnt do this, but Ill give you a 10. Why? Because I can! =D

Freakin Hilarious.

Dudes that was the best of the old TN series. The beer comercial was hilarious. The pizza delivery guy was funny, though I couldn't really make out what he was. And then the Seinfeld spoof at the end was the best part. I could tell that Ben was supposed to be George but then I couldn't tell with the other three.