Reviews for "The old TN episode 5"

I watch it almost everyday :)

The series are veeery funny and good.. I watch it almost everyday and I never have enough dicks, take care and upload more ;)


smart move with the dicks and the closet m8

you are my god!!!

i watched all ur stuff including ametuer hour.....damn this shit rocks you gotta get your own TV show or somethin cause this is really good and i love ur stuff it is original and funny


Nice Flash

I liked the new ones better but these were funny too. I liked the part at the end. i cant believe i've actually seen half baked just before i watched this flash.

The flash that will rock you to your very soul.

This is the greatest flash cartoon ever made! Everything was great, especially the Synj cameo. I almost crapped myself from the nonstop laughter! Good job, TN.