Reviews for "Kr1z - "Like I Love You" [Rmx]"

Still love it.

But why did you repost it? 0bombers couldn't have had THAT much damage!

Dammit, I had first post originally! lol

Haha, is this a better mix from the older one?

yea i dled this very song before, did you happen to master it better? or put it here to maybe get yourself a weekly top 5? well ima vote 5 since im part of the 5 team =D

Kr1z responds:

this is the same song, i wanted it to get some attention here =D
thx for the review!!

Gotta agree with OneWhoListens...

The instrumental sections are amazing. The song just doesn't get boring, or repetetive, and the sounds themselves are very well chosen. But by now, I figure we all expect this from you, so nothing new here.

But there's just something about the vocals that doesn't...gah, how do you describe it! It's like copying a watercolor painting with a pen. There's something wrong, but you can't really explain how.

But the vocals alone, especially how you cut and rearrange them, are nice. And the music alone is amazing. I just feel like the vocals don't fit with the tune.

Still, as a first track with a leading vocal, I expect some awesome songs with them in the future! And you know, I have to admit I prefer this to the Hitmen version.

Kr1z responds:

Next one is containing vocals which fit way better :D
Thx for the good review & score!

not into love music but...

i love how u put dance and vocals together.Yes i read OneWhoListens and Novarrl but i dont agree with them. love the vocals with this song. I almost put on ipod but well i hate songs with love *shudders*. Keep up teh great work! d^_^b


Another great song... man you are good.