Reviews for "Kr1z - "Like I Love You" [Rmx]"

Every song

You make you put your hear and soul into it really nice work. I really love your music.

awesome as always.

i absolutley love your songs. i have found no bad songs. my fav id fluctuations 2. happy!!! =) =) =)

HoLy... Goodness!

omg now w. vocals this song sounds amazing awesome! this is.. Your BEST work up to date! ahh the sweetness!

Kr1z responds:

More is coming up my dear :)


10/10 easy.
I wish I could give you like 100/10 because i would
killer job dude

I want to bear your children

1:38-2:50 gets me high. Every time. The pause at 2:06 was genius. Whatever the heck you did from 1:38-2:05 was absolutely beautiful. The stuff from 2:06-2:50 makes me lose control of my urinary system. I Love you.