Reviews for "Kr1z - "Like I Love You" [Rmx]"

Sniff Beautifle

Just.... wow man. Set me free? My mind is flying from this, like wow candy jesus cracker christ bud. Lovein' it

I want to bear your children

1:38-2:50 gets me high. Every time. The pause at 2:06 was genius. Whatever the heck you did from 1:38-2:05 was absolutely beautiful. The stuff from 2:06-2:50 makes me lose control of my urinary system. I Love you.

Nice full song

Like..no emptyness..Lovely. Full score 'n download ^^ Puts a smile on my face =]

Kr1z responds:


I love you.

Well ok no i dont but i love your music. You had some code lycko music ion there.. do you remember that show? Cause I do. :3 It had really nice beats and synths. 10/10 5/5


So, Do you love me like I love you?? ;) Ive been listening to your music all damn day dude :) <33333