Reviews for "Kr1z - "Like I Love You" [Rmx]"


alot of power and goddly not a thing missing

Kr1z responds:

thanks dude!

Sweet Jayzus!

love it. one of the best songs i've heard in a while. you need to keep up the good work.

Kr1z responds:

do I? okido then!


I agree with eZek0, the voice is quite annoing. Lmfao :] But I do like the tune ^^
Great job there except for the voice haha : )
Can't wait to hear more of the music.. : P lmfao


Short review!

I like the melody! But agh! THAT BLOODY VOICE! It annoys me.

Check that, I LOVE the melody. Any song with a deep pumping bass is awesome to me.

The voice, argh, still, it's annoying. Annoying! ANNOYING I SAY! But hey, still an awesome effort in the song.

2:09 == most favorite part. EVAR. Synth + bass = win. No contest.


Kr1z responds:

ur the first one out of 63 reviews to say the voice is anoying :P


jesus, man that was perfect. i'm crying right now... thats how good it is. keep it coming kriz