Reviews for "Kr1z - "Like I Love You" [Rmx]"

You do it Again!!!

Men is just awesome. You are going up men, keep it up.!! =D

Haha, is this a better mix from the older one?

yea i dled this very song before, did you happen to master it better? or put it here to maybe get yourself a weekly top 5? well ima vote 5 since im part of the 5 team =D

Kr1z responds:

this is the same song, i wanted it to get some attention here =D
thx for the review!!


I love how it's actualy structured! with a beginning, middle and end! this is actualy the first iv'e heard in a while! congrats man it has a great soul and it's structured like I like it.

Most people don't get it but good movies, games, music books, all have a few things in common... one is structure, most of the music in the portal is ok and only ok because it's one long droning bunch of sequential sounds in an mp3/wav file, I really think people have talent but are just too lazy to make structure and layered tunes. sometimes I feel like i'm being a little optimistic to call some songs music...

Sorry if my statement's harsh but this song reminded me of what true music is.

Thank you kris you really impressed me i, hope you feel good about your work because i'm sure allot of others do.

Kr1z responds:

Thx! Great review ! WOOOOOOOOOOO


Do the beat ^_^


AWESOME! Definetly pro. Great use of mixer and effects and im loving the perscussion. The vocals were all set out nicely, as well as all the leads. You should be very proud of this song bro.
Keep it up


Kr1z responds: