Reviews for "Kr1z - "Like I Love You" [Rmx]"

Great as always.

Great as always keep it up dude. Glad you PMed me on this. There are minor distortions from time to time but not noticeable at all.

Kr1z responds:

unnoticeable distortions?? =D
then how can u hear them :P

anyway thx for ur 10/10 !!

{{Nice Song}}

It has a nice beat. I would have to agree with mjattie. This could be easily found in a disco!
Great Job man!



great trancey vibe, only thing is that the transitions are a little too sudden maybe. bass drum was awesome with that nice echo-ey splashy sound, vocals were top-notch... good stuff all around yo.


This could easily being found in a disco!!! REALLY nice vocals too.

And off course excellent bass beats & leads :P

Every song

You make you put your hear and soul into it really nice work. I really love your music.