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Reviews for "MorethanLess"

A bit skinny, but It looks amazing nonetheless

I like where your style is going with this, the shading is very well done and she looks anatomically correct. Although the only thing bugging me is that she looks a tad skinny and her spinal cord looks a bit out there.

Very nice

A great picture, with nice shading and composure. Sensuality is described through a very decent execution of her curves, both the body and the pose. Sensuality is all that this picture is about, so my recommendations are:

- Include a background which is not cold. The red dress and deep shadows give the girl a very erotic, mysterious image. Such a bright, white, monochrome and pure background makes a negative contrast on the overall effect. It should be something darker, something hot and dim maybe.

- Her hair. There are a couple of issues there in my opinion; first of all, since the woman is apparently undressing, she has to transmit this in every aspect of her figure. Her hair being tied does not help much, it gives a note of restraint to a message of liberation. I'd suggest her hair adopt a more loose, lively and free form. Moreover, the drawing style does not match completely with the rest of the body, the outlines are clearer, less blended than the skin or the dress, so perhaps you should keep an eye on that?

Hope you found these hints useful!

Nice one

Very nicely done mate!

not bad

i think it was well drawn. even if she isnt a chubby :D


This is visually appealing and the dramatic lighting is a perfect accent. Although, her proportions are a little off (i.e. length of her arm in comparison to her torso) I think you may have pushed the foreshortening here a little too much.
What materials did you use?