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Reviews for "MorethanLess"

nice drawing, just a few points of taste:

the lines in the skin make it look a bit to twisted, like its part of the cloth almost. missing at least a bit more of the right arm, it looks like a one armed beauty (though that might be the hole point of the title, if i get it) its fine as it is, but a bit of background would show a hole story, since it looks (in my taste again) as a very sexy and talented dancer from here. it could show so much more how ever if we push imagination just a bit more. very nice light use, poseing, face expression. al together a 10/10, just points of taste.

A bit skinny, but It looks amazing nonetheless

I like where your style is going with this, the shading is very well done and she looks anatomically correct. Although the only thing bugging me is that she looks a tad skinny and her spinal cord looks a bit out there.


you know, i havent had a mc rib in a while...

kidding, i like your work, keep it up. love the shading and such.

Extremely effective work

But aint she a wee bit skinny? Or was that the point?

Hey Good Job!

I like this style the best. I haven't even found an foundation for my style, but i love seeing other artist get better!