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Reviews for "primal lords 1"


dude. You should have your own tv cartoon that is so freakin cool. I just saw a panther beat the crap out of a mech. SWEET!

great vid

i can tell this one was one of your early works due to the graphics
great job though the fighting was good

Overmas hm?

Should have them as a third army in the primal wars series, i like the robot guy

Pretty cool.......

I liked it a lot. A lot of action. The animation was great. And the audio was pretty sweet. But the file size was HUGE! but that's okay. Anywyas keep up the great work, I can't wait to see the other ones.

very nice animation and furthermore, nice violence

I enjoyed it greatly, and further more I enjoyed the whole "real time war" feel to it. I am intrigued and will watch more.