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Reviews for "Church Prayer for Death"


I decided to visit your profile and check out this song, and WOW. The melody and chanting really sets the mood for the song. It's beautiful and morbid at the same time. This is just amazing... What else can I say... just 'I'm downloading this one.'

ParishIsDead responds:

A perfect 10! Unexpected!

Oh My God

This song captivated everything dark of a cultism side of satanism and is possibly the most soul-induced sounds ive ever heard im giveing you a 10 and puting this on my ipod!

ParishIsDead responds:

Thank you very very much!

Chilling, yet sweet!

Hey dude, I've listened to a few of your songs now and I've thought all of them are amazing, I have to say though my favorite is Melancholy. This is really nice though, very haunting and chilling, a very interesting style, I like it, keep up the good work, and if you don't mind me asking, what do you use to write this stuff, I've always wanted to know how this is written. Sweet song dude.

ParishIsDead responds:

With a keen sense of what I have to work with. Not just what I want the piece to come out to sound like.


this is realy creepy and you deserve every mark i can give congrats and keep writing these songs

i never expected to hear latin on newgrounds

its very wonderful it gives off that creepy silent hillish vibe