Reviews for "Dark Cave"


Nice C++ Fractal gen!

This is a very beautiful peace... Getting lost is an easier term to say, because this brings up a ton of internal emotions I don't even want to describe.

Great job!

silencefreedom responds:

C++ is a general purpose programming language, widely use in video game develop and graphic programming. My program is a 3D fractal generator/editor with Manmdelbulb-based and KIFS called fx101 3D.

Check out http://fx101.webs.com/ for more information (remove space)


That's beautiful! Well done!

Don't think I have C++ on my new computer, but are there any tutorials on how to make algorithm art?

silencefreedom responds:

Thanks a lot, There are many open-source C++ compilers like Borland C++, Bloodshed Dev C++ or Open WATCOM.

For fractal or graphic programming, check out http://www.fractalforums.com/index.php , place of graphic programmers

I like the green glow in this one.

I feel like I'm flying over radioactive lava XD. But seriously, I like how you have a green glow contrasting with the dark Mandelbulb color. Very good!

silencefreedom responds:

Hello! Thank you for the comment a lot!

It is breath taking

It looks and almost as if the waves are angles that are gently flowing and splashing by. The designs, colors and emotion included in the painting in phenomenal.

silencefreedom responds:

Thank you a lot, happy new year!

No artist

I am no artist but I do say this is a very beautiful picture, this picture reminds of space a void filled with beautiful and random looking things such as this

silencefreedom responds:

Thanks a lot mate.