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Reviews for "June Gloom Part 3"

how many times have you submit this?

I see two other of your bad movies have past the portaltest...
Want to get some advice?
ANIMATE! Don't just put 2 pictures in your movie and some sound? (The sound is pretty fine but the two pictures...) for the love of god...
For instance, instead of just showing their mouths, animate it?


good job. keep them coming.

Be glad other people like it.

Just be glad other people were more gracious on their voting than I was. It gave me a damn head ache. Good job, now you have 2 or 3 bottles of Asprin charged to your annoying fees. Try again next time and give it a point.

God, I'm light and I hated it. Other people vote hard and they liked it. Maybe I'm the only person who isn't insane on this database!