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Reviews for "June Gloom Part 3"

wait before you say im on crack for giving it a 10

(usually) when i rate a flash, I ask myelf this, "was I entertained?" this flash kept my interest all the way to the end and kept me laughing (which is more than I can say for several in the top 50)

yu kno....this series that you have is not bad

Cool. Its kind of like Space Ghost Coast to Coast.

bizarre charm

it has this strange charming quality... it's hard to put your finger on it... but it carries the movie past its noticable lack of animation which most people have complained about, but i had no problem with. the lack of movement gave me a chance to really listen and digest the dialogue (which was brilliant, by the way).
i'm a huge fan of free flowing random conversations. they hint on themes and ideas, and kind of suggest the endless possibilities of human interaction.

this is a hilarious movie, but definitely not meant for the bulk of newgrounds users (sadly).


That was hilarious. I especially liked the monkey-thing covered in shit with a hook and hatchet for hands. Excellent, keep 'em coming.

Good movie but...

...as most people probably told you, you should really animate your characters. But the dialogues are really funny