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Reviews for "Ryu Vs Bison (HR)"


DAmn how in the hell did you do that. That was spectacular i never could match that but i say a Awsome fuckin Job and plz make a sequel i wanna know what happens.


Cream-E responds:

haha thanks!!! :)
I wasn't really planning on a sequel, but ill see what happens. Thanks again for liking it so much! :D


it was great i wish i could do stuff like that

Cream-E responds:

Thanks man! Im really glad you liked it


this is being done before i actually veiw the movie... do0d i found an awsome song for you to add to the start of it... try a snipet of the american techno remix of the cell theme... i tried it over ur flash and it fits nicely =D

Street Fighter Rules!

And so do sprites! Nice fight! I think Ken shoulda bin in there! Ken is the best


but i gave a 0 for sound because when Bison does the invincible technique on Ryu, Ryu shouts like Ken.