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Reviews for "Ryu Vs Bison (HR)"

not bad

wasn't amazing but pretty good. Street fighter has been done many times though.


actually no. that reminded me of that pathetic show Dragonball Z, especially the end bit where he charges up nad fires a really big all of DEATH and the gliven. WOOOOOOOOOOOOo

It was ok but

Its too cheesy to be a fight.
Its like, oh yeah i killed ur friend and no what are u gonna do about it, i am so evil hear my evil laugh.wav.
And also the super fireball after being angry. Renders it cheesy u know.
U can do better than that.
Dont forget to keep sprites from the same game, alpha ryu vs sf2 bison is already a weird mix to the eye.


decent sprite movie..didnt have anything that made it stand out above the rest..

Yea well if you like that kinda thing

This was good dont get me wrong and it was also a nice idea but i think that you could do better. I hope it gets through the portal i do think that it is a decent movie