Reviews for "Character concept - Nova"


i actually whisperd wow when i saw this XD. i dont know what it is, probably glitter, but i love the sparkles! and her whispy hair. and i beleive her best feature is the EYES, mesmerizing!!!

Airfaerie95 responds:

Thank you so much!~
I'm really glad you like it. ^-^
Oh, and the sparkles are supposed to be some sort of glittery stardust type stuff or something silly like that.


Good work on the detail eyes...

Nicely done..

Nicely done. The small little details as how you did her hair and transparency which show the little stars in the sky at her back. Good job, keep it up. Her eyes look amazing as well.

For the Ghost in space...

I'll give you a ten :-)

Its really two things I like in it

First: Its very simple, not too much decorating it but I think its a good thing
(less is more) :)
Also i like the shadows around her hands, chest, neck and shoulders. Very nicely done.

Second: The color theme is calming (the white and the dark blue very nice choice of colors) and yet the brighter blue in her eyes give the picture some "power".

Third: ..... Its a space ghost "for me" (good concept on the celestial being)


I've got no words to describe it. Simply Awesome. <3