Reviews for "Emotion Unknown"

Shyness or memories

Very mellow, but not at all shallow. I love this song for its calmness, and as stated above, it could be used for when a person's shy, or when their reminiscing on a past memory. I could see this being using for a painful memory as well, but somehow, that doesn't fit as much. Anyway, keep it up. I can't find a bad song by you yet. Don't make me find one.

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Epitaph64 responds:

Thanks :D

I feel patient.

I feel happy, like I'm contently waiting for something good to come. It feels like the more time passes, the closer happiness is. Like, I'm only going upwards, and never down.

It's very nice. It's a soft feeling, like colors bleeding into one another as in sunset.


The echo makes it feel reminiscent and distant. Its like a feeling of hope but a touch of shyness, its not an in your face beat or melody, something you can just relax and feel content, and at one. personal satisfaction. very relaxing.

Epitaph64 responds:

Yeah, I see what you mean :)

i feel...

i feel like clicking the 7th star after taking a right turn at saturnes

very nice mix

Epitaph64 responds: