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Reviews for "Ice Lurker"


also, they are obviously best friends, judging by the bug's facial expression


He can.

Holy shi-

That guy's screwed


You know, this is probably one of those cliche heroic stories where the giant Ice-Beast-Thing slaughters his parents and destroys his village and makes him train with a legendary swordsman (Or spearman, in this case) and then is finally strong enough to kill the Ice-Beast-Thing, and then has his epic final battle.
Well, Thats how I interpreted it, anyway.

xTY3x responds:

i just thought about a guy going trough the infinite icelands and being attacked by a tipical ice lake monster. i don't like cliches, so the man will probably be eaten. i think that nobody can be strong enough to take out that overgrown centipede, unfortunately.

simple but affective.

sorta reminds me of the game lost planet

xTY3x responds:

indeed i took inspiration from that game.