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Reviews for "Ice Lurker"


also, they are obviously best friends, judging by the bug's facial expression


He can.


whoever that bug is..hes gonna get eaten..by whoever that guy is..


You know, this is probably one of those cliche heroic stories where the giant Ice-Beast-Thing slaughters his parents and destroys his village and makes him train with a legendary swordsman (Or spearman, in this case) and then is finally strong enough to kill the Ice-Beast-Thing, and then has his epic final battle.
Well, Thats how I interpreted it, anyway.

xTY3x responds:

i just thought about a guy going trough the infinite icelands and being attacked by a tipical ice lake monster. i don't like cliches, so the man will probably be eaten. i think that nobody can be strong enough to take out that overgrown centipede, unfortunately.

simple but affective.

sorta reminds me of the game lost planet

xTY3x responds:

indeed i took inspiration from that game.